RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is a Registered Canadian Charity that was co-founded in 2014 by Jesse Adams with his deep love, commitment, and passion for helping animals across Canada and abroad. Over the last 10 years it has become an organization of many incredible and compassionate volunteers that have come together to form a dedicated team for the higher purpose of helping make a big difference in the lives of dogs and cats in need of support and lifesaving efforts.


We at RainCoast Dog Rescue Society rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, neglected, stray, misplaced, abused dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, and ages across Canada. We advocate for the humane treatment of animals along with the education and awareness needed to help provide that. We believe in strong community partnerships and relations with the belief of working together as one does make a difference. 

  • Welcome to the RainCoast PET Project! The RainCoast PET Project was started in 2017 and it brings a variety of support to animals and their people in urban and remote communities across BC, Western and Northern Canada. 

    We offer a wide range of support and services that includes veterinary care, food and supplies, training and education, rescue and rehoming, animal bylaws and animal welfare standards, and spay and neuter clinics to help support communities and their animals. 

    We work in urban areas around Vancouver Island and in Vancouver within the downtown Eastside community, and offer support for anyone that is living in government funded subsidized housing, supportive housing, or are currently experiencing homelessness.

  • As a mixed indigenous run organization we are proudly in partnership and work closely with over a dozen local and remote Indigenous communities across Vancouver Island; British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut. 

    Our RainCoast PET Project also is passionate about working with schools and their students on education and awareness about responsible ownership and care of animals, through in person speaking and educational books, and inspiration. The youth are the future to a more humane and responsible world for all animals. 

    To date the RainCoast PET Project has helped support hundreds of animals and their owners, while helping improve animal welfare in communities throughout BC and Canada.


RainCoast Dog Rescue Society rescues all of their dogs and cats with the utmost love and care for the dogs and cats needs, care, well-being, and rehabilitation. Once the dog or cat is rescued and in our care we can start to assess the needs of the dog or cat. It can depend on the severity of the individual case in regards to that some dogs and cats can take months or even years to rehabilitate, and in some cases the dog or cat is ready for adoption within a short time.  All of our dogs and cats are first assessed and temperament tested. Then once in our care they receive different levels of training that depend on the dogs or cats needs at that time. Once taken into our care the dog or cat will them see one of our vets for a full health check and any other medical care needed at that time. RainCoast Dog Rescue Society is a foster based rescue and we rely on responsible and loving foster homes that work with us to help the animals in need while we focus on rehabilitation and then adoption. We cover all costs related to fostering and care for any of our rescues.  RainCoast does have a small property where we may foster some of the more difficult cases, but we have limited space at this time. We take great pride in the safety, health, care, love, and rehabilitation of all our rescue dogs and cats. We want them to have the best start by focusing on their own personal needs of rehabilitation before adopting them out. This is such a crucial process to the rehabilitation and long term success for the animal in their life moving forward. With our over 15 years experience in the field of animal rescuing and rehabilitation, animal welfare and advocacy, and adoptions. We hold ourselves to a higher ethical and moral standard while we dedicate our lives to rescuing and rehabilitating these beautiful animals.